Teeth Aligners
Nearly "Invisible" Braces in
A comfortable & modern alternative to traditional braces.
They straighten teeth without affecting the routine of the patient.
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What is Invisalign?


Invisalign uses a modern approach to teeth straightening by means of
a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners which are created just
for you. They gently shift the teeth into position and because there are
no metal wires or brackets on show, no-one need ever know that
you're straightening your teeth.

Invisalign Works For...
Cross Bites
Treatments Covered


Dental Concepts in Andover provides Invisalign treatments which help treat a range of treatments like crowding, spacing, cross-bites. under-bite, deep-bite and much more from minor tooth movements to more complex ones. The result is a more even smile which you will be proud of. They are comfortable, removable and customised to fit exactly to give a predictable outcome.

Invisalign - What patients have to say?

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Patient Reviews
Julia Marshall

I have wanted my teeth straightened for many years, but was worried what type of braces could be used. Invisalign is very easy to use. I saw Invisalign on FB, clicked on this link & found Manish at DC Andover: Overall I am very happy with my bigger smile! Thank you to all of Team DC.

Hayley Williamson

Clear & simple advice, friendly staff and always make you feel comfortable. I love the Invisalign with the ease of use and nobody can ever tell I have them in!

Elena Toms

At first wearing the braces felt strange and alien but I got used to them in about 10 days. They are discrete and comfortable and I don't feel self conscious at all. I would recommend them highly!

Claire Kingston

After a lot of thought, it was decided that Invisalign would be the way to go to straighten my teeth. It was explained fully and the whole process has been so easy. The trays are easy to use & the result is better than I could have hoped. Thank you Manish & team for making "braces" such an easy time.

Bridget Hamblen

I am 10 weeks into my treatment and I'm really happy with the level of comfort with my aligners, whilst achieving the predicted movement of my teeth. Manish & Dental Concepts have provided stirling care and dealt with my queries immediately, providing information & technology so that I can track my treatment & remain motivated. I would highly recommend both the treatment & Dental Concepts. The aligners are just so easy & comfortable to wear.

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