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Reshaping 7 Million Smiles and Counting...

  • These are nearly invisible discreet aligners which make them aesthetically pleasing and socially acceptable.
  • As good as traditional braces as correct simple to complex misalignment of teeth from under-bites to cross-bites and from spacing to deep-bites.
  • Treatment involves fewer visits to the dentist - maybe once in 6-8 weeks.
  • Less restrictions on eating as they are removable, so you can have your favourite pizza or popcorn which is not possible in traditional train tracks.
  • Can act as a lifelong protective gear and mouthguard replacement for protection during sports and also protection from grinding your teeth at night.
  • Our Dental hygienist appreciates it as you can keep your teeth clean with normal brushing and flossing as they are removable.
  • They help in achieving a good bite along with straight teeth which helps immensely in chewing and sorting out jaw related problems.
  • Almost pain free compared to traditional braces with no worries of breakages of sharp brackets and injury.
  • With the amazing Clin-Check technology, you can literally see step by step results of the treatment before you actually start!
  • Cost effective comparable to traditional cosmetic braces and we offer interest free credit to match your budget each month
Why Choose Invisalign?
 Andover Invisalign
Vivera Retainers

As it takes time, effort and investment to create a confident and beautiful smile, it is important to make sure it lasts and there is no relapse. 

Use of Vivera retainers post treatment not only prevents the teeth from moving back but also acts a lifetime protective gear / mouthguard replacement.

Why Vivera Retainers

Vivera retainers are made according to the exact measurement of the teeth using an impression or a scan and so are custom made. They are made from the same amazing technology used to make Invisalign aligners. So they are precise fit and very comfortable.

The material used is 30% stronger to the aligners which help keeping the teeth from moving and in the same position achieved after treatment, so they are more durable and have a very low risk of cracking or breaking.

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