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Smile Makeover Treatments

Save upto 60% Off in India with complete follow up in the UK


3D Digital Smile Designing 

Highly Skilled & Caring Team

0% Finance Offered

Treatment In UK And / Or India

State Of The Art Facilities At All Centres

Predictable, Guaranteed, Fantastic Results with Smile Test Drive

Smile Makeover Treatments

Save upto 60% Off in India with complete follow up in the UK

3D Digital Smile Designing 

Highly Skilled & Caring Team

0% Finance Offered

Treatment In UK And / Or India

State Of The Art Facilities At All Centres

Predictable, Guaranteed, Fantastic Results with Smile Test Drive

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Dental Tourism Starting From £599*

*Approximate cost per dental implant including crown when you have 5 implants

- *Smile Designing, Cosmetic Dental Treatments Offered

- *Upto 60% off on Smile Makeover Treatments when done in India with pre treatment diagnosis, treatment planning and post treatment follow up & maintenance in the UK.

- *State of the Art Surgery in India matching the UK standards of health & safety

- *All payments, follow up and after care in the Andover Practice in the UK.

- *Concierge service with local travel in the city included

How Does This Work? The Patient Journey


Meet And Greet

Free initial consultation at Dental Concepts UK where a comprehensive oral health assessment will be carried out by our expert team.


Treatment Time

After meeting your team at Dental Concepts India it will be time to begin the procedure.


Travel To India

With five star service from our concierge team. Support provided for travel, accommodation and extended holiday if needed


Recovery & Relaxation

Concierge service with intra city travel included to the hotel.

You can book some exotic holiday tours in India with our travel partners to help and extend your stay.


Sightseeing In Style

Enjoy some local sightseeing in Mumbai with a local guide to help you around.


After Care

Having completed your treatment you will return to the UK and finish your post-op care & maintenance back with Dental Concepts UK.

Adam's Story - Smile Makeover

Adam wanted to enhance his smile and decided to travel to India to have a complete smile makeover. After a comprehensive consultation done at Dental Concepts Andover, a treatment plan was created and the smile test drive done using the latest Digital Smile Design technology available at the practice. 

Adam travelled to our state of the art dental treatment centre in Mumbai, India where he underwent the treatment without any pain, drilling or injections! He stayed at the fabulous 7 star St Regis Hotel for 3 days.

He is now over the moon with his new smile.

He continues to visit the practice in Andover for the after care and maintenance, so a complete peace of mind. 

Getting Started...

Step 1:  Register your interest by entering your details here. One of coordinators will be in touch at the earliest to give more information and book your in for a comprehensive clinical consultation

Step 2:  A comprehensive clinical consultation is booked with the dentist and clinical coordinators to understand your needs in detail and do a thorough check up which includes the following... 

3D Intraoral

Graham's Story - Dental Implants

Graham's Story - Dental Implants
Graham's Story - Dental Implants

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Graham's Story - Dental Implants
Graham's Story - Dental Implants

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Graham's Story - Dental Implants
Graham's Story - Dental Implants

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Graham's Story - Dental Implants
Graham's Story - Dental Implants

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“I had problems with my crown at the front of my mouth. One crown had been removed and the second was a very poor fit. The crown came loose. Manish attempted to do a refit – unfortunately the root was too badly damaged. The inconvenience of the ill-fitting crowns and the single false tooth was very unstable (very weak). It also left a bad taste in my mouth on many occasions. Since having the implants I am very pleased with the outcome. My teeth look and feel natural and I can once again smile with confidence. Well worth the investment.”

Ghariba's Story

Ghariba Rhouass, one of our lovely patients made a trip to India for her dental treatment and she talks about her experience in this short video. 

Hybrid Dental Tourism - Frequently asked questions

What is hybrid dental tourism?

Hybrid dental tourism is the combination of an exciting city break along with dental treatment at a low sustainable cost. First you will visit our practice in Andover, Hampshire (UK) for an initial consultation. This gives us an opportunity to learn more about your needs and what you would like to change about your smile. Following treatment planning and consultations you will travel to Mumbai, India where the work will be carried out. When the first treatment stage is complete you will have between 3 and 5 days to yourself to explore and enjoy Mumbai, before heading back to the practice to complete your treatment. Hybrid dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular. The low treatment costs in India, in comparison to those in the UK, make it an incredibly tempting choice for those exploring the option of dental work but want to save money too. In addition to this, you can discover somewhere new and so you get a holiday too!

Why is dental treatment so much cheaper in India?

Operational costs in India are much lower than those in the UK. This includes the general price of materials, which is reflected in the price. We strive to use state of the art technology and the best quality materials, so you can rest assured that we will never compromise on the outcome of your work.

How much money will I save by having the treatment abroad?

Treatment in our India practice costs 50-60% less than in the UK. This makes it particularly appealing to patients who are intending to have treatments such as dental implants or smile makeovers, as they will make big savings to their treatment costs by undergoing the procedures in Mumbai, India.

What is included in the price I pay? What is meant by ‘from £599’?

‘From £999’ is the starting price for one dental implant in India. Please see the treatment prices below.

Initial assessment (held in the UK)- £250

Composite fillings- £45 (£95+ in the UK)

Laser whitening- £250 (Enlighten whitening £595 in UK)

Smile design (per veneer)- £350 emax veneer/£200 porcelain veneer (£695 emax veneer in UK)

Smile design package (10 veneers)- £3500

Dental implant including post and crown- £599 (£2500 in UK)

Bone grafting- £125 (£350 in UK)

Zirconia crown- £175 (£595 in UK)

FAR (full arch rehabilitation)- £5000 (£10000 in the UK

The accommodation package is priced at £1200*. This includes your accommodation for 10 days, breakfast each morning and internal travel (airport transfers and practice transfers). The package can be personalized to meet your needs with additional services available as ‘add-ons’, this can be arranged with your trip coordinator.

*Based on one person in a single occupancy room, staying for up to 10 days.

One individual in a single occupancy room - £1200

One individual in a twin occupancy room- £700

We would highly recommend that you book your flights through us, so that we can ensure that we all travel together and reach Mumbai as a group. While flights are not included in your package, we estimate the price to be around £500 depending on season, airline and the class you wish to travel in. We advise all patients to fly with British Airways which we will book on your behalf through Southall travel.

Can my partner or a friend travel with me?

Yes, of course! Please speak with the trip coordinator to arrange for him/her to join your package. We can add one person onto your accommodation package for an additional £200.

Are the package prices dependent on the time of year?

Treatment costs are fixed; however, the flights and accommodation prices vary according to the season. The average cost of the travel package is £1200, but this will be clarified at the time of consultation as our trips are always planned 3-4 months ahead.

How long will the trip last? Will there be sufficient time for the treatment to be completed and recovery time accounted for?

The trip is scheduled to be 10 days. The schedule for the trip may vary from case to case, but a draft schedule of the days can be seen below.

We have allowed for additional time in case of the unlikely event that treatment completion is delayed. We have also allocated a day of rest before the sightseeing begins, to allow you to recover from your treatment.

It is worth mentioning that everybody reacts differently to treatment, so while one person may not need any recovery time another may need a day or two. Therefore, it is important to prioritise your own needs and ensure that you take time to rest and recover before heading out to enjoy the history and culture of Mumbai.

Day 1- we will arrive in Mumbai. You can take some time to settle in before treatment starts.

Day 2-3- two days set aside for treatment, where the preparation for your new smile begins.

Day 4- we are confident that your treatment preparation will be complete, but we’ve kept a day spare in case of any unexpected delays with treatment. This will also be an opportunity for you to recuperate following the treatment before you can start to enjoy your trip to Mumbai.

Day 5-7- this is your opportunity to explore Mumbai!

Day 8-9- the final two treatment days where your treatment will be finished. You’ll leave with your fantastic new smile.

Day 10- we’ve saved this as another buffer day. We are confident that your treatment will be complete and that you’ll be happy with your smile, but we’ve kept a day spare in case of any unexpected delays with treatment.

What will happen if my work is delayed or not finished on time?

We are confident that all work will be completed on time. However, if there are any delays and treatment is unable to be completed in Mumbai, before your flight home, we will complete the treatment back in the UK at Dental Concepts, Andover at no additional cost to you.

What vaccinations will I need?

DTP and Typhoid are recommended for travelers visiting India. We would recommend that you arrange to see your GP at least 6 weeks before your trip so that vaccinations can be completed. Further information can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/india/health.

Will I need a visa for my trip?

Yes, visas can be arranged for you through our concierge service at an additional fee. We will be using a company called ‘Visas R us’, who we have used in previous years.

How long is the flight?

A direct flight to Mumbai, from London, is around 9 hours. We would highly recommend that you book your flights through us, so that we can ensure that all patients travel together and reach Mumbai as a group. While flights are not included in your package, we estimate the price to be around £500 depending on season, airline and the class you wish to travel in. We advise all patients to fly with British Airways which we will schedule on your behalf through Southall travel. Details of the travel dates will be discussed with you, but please do not hesitate to contact the trip coordinator for further information in the meantime.

Will transfers from the airport be arranged for me?

Transfers to and from the airport will be provided for you, providing that you travel as part of the main group, as recommended. This will help us to ensure that all members of the group have arrived together and are settled in to the hotel. If you have chosen to fly at a different time you will be required to arrange your own transfers.

Is it safe for me to travel to India?

Yes. It is safe for British travelers to visit India. We will be visiting the west of the country, to the city of Mumbai. Mumbai’s vibrant atmosphere has plenty to offer tourist and we are confident that you will have a positive and exciting trip.

However, if you plan to explore the country during your stay, travel to the north of the country, along the Pakistan border is not recommended. Further information can be found from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) at: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/india.

What will the weather be like?

In July and August, the region is in the monsoon season, but the worst of the rain has usually passed by this time of year and showers are generally short and sharp.

The average temperature for this time of year is 28 degrees and occasional cloud coverage should be expected.

What hotel will I be staying in?

You will be staying at The Orchid, Mumbai. This is a five-star hotel with fantastic facilities and great customer service. In addition to this, the hotel is placed within reach of local amenities and is close to the dental practice where you work will be completed. We are confident that you will enjoy your stay here. You can find out more about the hotel on their website: http://www.orchidhotel.com/mumbai-vile-parle/.

Can I arrange my own accommodation?

You are welcome to stay at another hotel during your trip. However, we strongly recommend that you stay in one of our affiliate hotels. We have personally selected The Orchid hotel, Mumbai, based upon their reputation for customer service, safety, amenities, and convenience. You can view their website at http://www.orchidhotel.com/mumbai-vile-parle/. Please speak to the trip coordinator to discuss alternative options if you do not wish to stay in the hotel which we have selected for you.

Where will the treatment be carried out and who will perform the surgery?

The treatment will be carried out by our partner practice, Dental Concepts, Mumbai. As with our Dental Concepts practices within the UK, you can expect to receive five-star care in a state of the art practice.

You can view their website at: dentalconceptsindia.co.in

Does the clinic have use the latest technology?

Yes! At Dental Concepts UK & India, we pride ourselves in using the latest technology to ensure we achieve the very best results for you.

What brand of implant will be used?

Osstem, Biohorizons and Adin are the dental implant brands most commonly used in India. You may recognize the brand Osstem.

We frequently use their implants here in the UK and we would highly recommend that you select this brand for your dental implants. Although slightly more expensive than the other brands, Osstem have a world class reputation for their quality.

Will travel insurance and accident cover be included in the package?

Travel insurance will not be included in the treatment or accommodation package. We would highly advise that all patients take out sufficient travel cover for their trip as private medical treatment in India is very expensive.

If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, dial 102 and ask for an ambulance. In addition to this, it would be advised that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible if you are referred for treatment.

We would also request that you alert the Dental Concepts team if you feel unwell at any stage during your trip, your safety and wellbeing is our priority.

Are hygiene and sterilization standards up to international standards?

Yes. The Dental Concepts Mumbai clinic is at accreditation level of NABH (national accreditation board of hospitals and health care providers). Much like the CQC (care quality commission) in the UK, they monitor members to ensure that the latest hygiene and care standards are being adhered to.

What happens if something goes wrong?

It is unlikely that anything will go wrong during your treatment in India. We spend a lot of time before your trip carefully planning every aspect of your treatment, which leaves us with very minimal surprises that can happen. We are also committed to providing the best possible care which means that if there are any risks involved, we won’t take them. Dental Concepts will take ownership of all treatment carried out and will ensure that if anything does go wrong it will be rectified by us at no additional cost, either here in the UK or while you are in India.

What guarantees will I have on the treatment carried out abroad?

Patients undergoing treatment at Dental Concepts, India will receive a 3-year guarantee on any work carried out during the trip. Any necessary treatment will be carried out at Dental Concepts, Andover (UK) and the expense of which will be covered by us.

What payment options are available?

At Dental Concepts we have a range of payment options. We are happy to accept payment by cash, bank transfer or by card payment (except for American Express). Alternatively, we are proud to offer a range of finance options with as little as 0% interest.

Our clinical coordinator would be happy to discuss the finance options in further detail with you if this is the preferred option.

Is it safe for me to fly following dental implant surgery?

Yes. There will be a couple of days following the treatment to allow you to recover and ensure that you will be comfortable for the journey. But there are no reasons as to why you should not fly following surgery.

Can I speak with a past patient about their experiences?

Yes. If you are keen to speak with previous patients about their experiences this can be arranged. Please request this from the coordinator of your trip who would be happy to arrange a phone call or meeting.

Who can I contact if I have any other questions or concerns and will they be reachable during my trip?

The coordinator who is accompanying you on this trip with be reachable before, during and after your trip and will be designated with the role of making sure that you are comfortable throughout your journey with us at Dental Concepts.

Please do not hesitate to contact them with any queries or concerns that you have, they will be happy to help. In the treatment pack you have received you will find both the UK and India contact numbers for the coordinator.

If you have not yet received these, please contact the practice and request them.


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