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7 Years at Dental Concepts! - Nicola Hewlett

Nicola Hewlett, fondly called as Nikki by all Team DC is an integral part of Dental Concepts from the very beginning. She has been nursing with Dr Manish Chitnis for more than a decade now! One of the pillars for the practice, Nikki has moved through various roles and is now the senior clinical coordinator and patient experience manager for the practice and also a mum to gorgeous Olivia.

Nikki talks about her journey at Dental Concepts...


"I have been working for dental concepts for 7 years now and was very fortunate to be asked by Manish and Shilpa to work along side them both when they opened their Whitchurch practice .

I have have worked as a dental nurse for over 15 years now and have now found the perfect role for me after lots of support and encouragement from Manish and Shilpa .

I currently work as a clinical coordinator . I love my role as I get to interact with patients everyday and also help them with their experience at Dental Concepts . I have lots of lovely memories over the past 7 years and have met some lovely people , both team members and patients .

I feel honoured to have been a part of dental concepts from the opening and my best memories are watching it grow .

I feel proud to be part of a family team and look forward to many years ahead and the excitement of the next steps in our journey together"


Click Here to know more about Nikki.

Some of the moments at Dental Concepts...

Nicola Hewlett - Dental Concepts

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